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Edition-Barbie-Dolls Specials For Your Family - Affordable Prices!

Special Edition Barbie Dolls - Lot of 3 - Avon Winter Velvet, Hallmark Valentine$19.99

5 Hallmark Special Edition Barbie Dolls and 1 Special Edition Victorian. $225.00

Lot 2 Classique Collection Limited Edition BARBIE dolls First + Third in Series$34.95

4 Special Edition Barbie Dolls Cambell's Soup Walmart Teresa U of I Star Skater$14.99

Lot 6 NWOB SPECIAL EDITION BARBIE DOLLS Angel Joy Holidays Starlight Valentine$65.00

2 Little Debbie Colletors Edition Barbie dolls$4.99

5 Holiday Special Edition Barbie Dolls NRFB$99.99

2 Second Edition Barbie Dolls of the World Parisian & Scottish$25.00

3 Happy Holidays Special Edition Barbie Dolls~ NIB NRFB~ 1996 & 1997 Christmas$29.95

Native American 4th Edition Barbie Dolls Of The World$14.99

Set of 3 Special Edition Barbie Dolls-Yuletide Romance, Victorian Elegance, Swee$40.45

4 HAPPY HOLIDAY BARBIE Dolls 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Special Edition Barbie Dolls$125.00

1996 Holiday Season & 1995 Caroling Fun Special Edition Barbie Dolls$14.99

Holiday Collector Edition Barbie Dolls$50.00

Native American Fourth Edition Barbie Dolls Of The World 1997 NIP$19.95

2 1996 Hallmark Special Edition Barbie Dolls/ NRFB$40.00

Disney Beauty And The Brast Spacial Edition Barbie Dolls$49.99

4 Hallmark Special Edition Barbie Dolls from the Holiday Homecoming Series$90.00

1994 Special Edition Barbie Dolls of the World Irish Barbie Doll 12998$12.00

2 Collector edition Barbie dolls Happy Holidays 2000 Edition NIB 2 New Barbie do$69.89
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