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Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories Book Volume 1 Arthur S. Maxwell 1976 Hardcover$4.49

The Bible Story by Arthur S. Maxwell 10 Volume Complete Set-Hardcover 1976$99.99

Hurlbut's Story of the Bible by Rev. Jesse, DD Hurlbut (1976, Paperback)$5.99

The Bible Story Arthur Maxwell Illustrated Volumes 1-10 Lot Used 1976-1978$87.20

Uncle Arthur's bedtime stories 1976 Maxwell the Bible Story display copies$9.99

Beautiful Bible Stories, Illustrated, 1976$3.29

Teaching Bible Stories More Effectively With Puppets 1976 by Sylweste 057003731X$4.48

Vintage A Little Golden Book Bible Stories of Boys and Girls 1976 16th #174 HC$7.25

Daniel told by burl ives bible time stories softcover 1976 david cook publishing$299.00

Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories Vol. 1, 1976 Bible Story Book$9.99

1976 The Bible Story Book, Arthur S. Maxwell 5 Ex Condition This Read About 2 Ti$6.99

Bible Stories of Boys and Girls 15th Printing 1976 Little Golden Book$4.49

Children's Stories and Books