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Pair of Mid Century Childs School chairs American Desk Company Rare Colors$15.99

Antique American Furniture Co Tilt Seat Childs Kids Old School Desk$40.00

American Desk Co. Mid Century Modern Kids School/Play Chair$20.00

Vintage American Seating Co. Childrens School Desk w Cubby Seat #13 25" Tall$100.00

Antique pink Child's School Desk Iron Wood Seat VTG Table american seating co #2$49.00

Antique Sears Roebuck & Co. 1920's Children's School Desk$40.00

Antique 1920's Child's Lift Top School Desk by Foundation Co Chicago IL$195.00

Antique red Child's School Desk Iron Wood Seat VTG Table american seating co #2$49.00

1951 Cyanamid Co School Children Classroom Desk Ad$7.99

Antique Wood/ Cast Iron Child School House Desk - American S.F. Company$59.00

Antique/Vintage 1920's Child's School Desk by Readsboro Chair Co. $100.00

Vintage American Seating Co. Child's School Desk with Bench Seat/Inkwell$149.00

Antique child's solid Oak school desk chair SOUTHERN DESIGN CO. HICKORY NC$55.00

Vintage School Student Child Desk/Chair w/Cubby IRWIN Company- Free Shipping$150.00

Bent Wood American Desk Company 11" Tall Seat Child School Chair$80.00

Children's Stories and Books