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magnet science toys Specials For Your Family - Affordable Prices!

Magnetic Kinetic Spinning Floating Motion Educational Science Levitation toy$12.99

Lot 18 Magna Tiles Magnetic Magnet Building Blocks Shapes Math Science Squares +$27.88

Amazing Revolution - Magnetic Levitation Anti Gravity Device Toy science Educate$5.49

Revolution Magnetic Levitation Anti Gravity Device Toy Science Educate RT$5.59

Deluxe Magnet Set - Science Equipment by Toysmith (7367)$8.99

NEW 4pc Science Magnet Set Bar Magnet Horshoe Latch Ring Magnet Homeschool$6.95

Inverter Magnet - The Science Behind SciFi's 'Tractor Beam'$39.95

Floating Wheels (Frictionless) Magnet Levitation Science Project$15.99

Fun with Magnets Science Learning Homeschooling Educational Children Kids NEW$19.65

Big Bag of Science 4120 - Chemistry Physics Weather Biology Magnets Lab Kit$22.50

Science Magnets: 2 Inch Alnico Bar Magnets: 2 Pieces$10.99

Preschool Science Learning Skills Toys-Primary Bucket Balance & Magnetic Marbles$22.00

4M Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Science Kit$18.32

Natural Wonders~ Professor Wacko's MAGNET MANIA Home School SCIENCE KIT~ FUN!$4.99

Dowling Magnets Electric Motor/Generator Science Discovery Kits$12.00

4M Magnet Science Kit$12.95

Magnet Science, Experiments And Games Science Kit Toysmith Science Fair Project$12.99

Vintage Science Fair 50 in One Electronic & Magnetic Project Kit - Cat. #28-227$9.75

Magnet Science Kit - Educational Fun!$13.99

Strongest Ceramic Magnets 2 Sets Rectangle & Disc Shaped 8ea For Crafts, Science$9.95
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Children's Stories and Books