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magnet science toys Specials For Your Family - Affordable Prices!

6" Vintage Horseshoe Magnet Science Toy Kids$7.50

4M Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Science Kit, Free Shipping, New$18.17

Dowling Magnets Simply Science Floating Magnet Rings$10.79

MAGNEETO! Floating Wheels Magnet Levitation Science Project Kit$18.99

4M Magnet Science Kit$12.95

Amazing Revolution-Magnetic Toy Levitation Anti Gravity Device Science Spinning$7.99

Magnet Science, Experiments And Games Science Kit Toysmith Science Fair Project$12.99

Magna Buzz Electrifying Buzzing Sound Hematite Magnets Magnet Science$3.99

Magnetic Levitation Educational Toys Floating Science Home Decoration Gift New$9.49

Skilcraft Magnet Science Lab, NEW, Ages 9 Thru Adult - 1997$4.49

Inverter Magnet - The Science Behind SciFi's 'Tractor Beam'$39.95

Magnetic Thinking Putty Fun Magnet Silly Plasticine Science Cool Education Toy$4.25

Magnetic levitation demonstrator demonstration science show toy Brand New$13.89

Floating Wheels (Frictionless) Magnet Levitation Science Project$20.99

UFO Magnetic Levitation Spinning Gyroscope Suspension Science Toys$23.00

HUMAN anatomy MAGNETIC play SET Science ORGANS body Educational LEARNING GIFT$11.99

Magna Buzz Electrifying Buzzing Sound Hematite Magnets Magnet Science$6.99

Magnetic Kinetic Spinning Floating Motion Educational Science Levitation toy$12.99

Magnetic levitation demonstrator demonstration spindle science show project toy$9.99

MAGNA-TRIX magnet magic levitation science physics education homeschool toy USA$4.95
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