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science toys for kids Specials For Your Family - Affordable Prices!

MEADE - Infinity Educational Youth Microscope Science Set For Kids Model 150$18.99

Maxitranix The 300-In-One Electronic Science Lab For Kids$109.99

NEW Elenco WORM WORLD Science Kit: Earthworm Habitat Farm for Kids Ages 5-10+$29.95

Real Bugs for Kids Science Learning Home School$13.99

Elenco OWI Samurai Scorpion Aluminum Kit Educational Science Kit For Kids$14.99

The World Almanac for kids SCIENCE Puzzler Card Deck 2008 ages 5-7 Grades K-2$9.99

Magical Jellyfish Float Smile Fun Science Pets Toy Gift For Kids Children$1.59

Thames & Kosmos 665104 Rocket Science Experiment Kit For Kids$38.99

FOR KIDS Usborne SCIENCE WITH MAGNETS Book & KIT from 1992$2.99

Koontz Boomerang Wheel kit, science fun for kids$12.95

The Happy Trunk Science Kit for Kids - Build an Electromagnet$10.00

1989 Edu-Science Microscope Set in Box for Kids 8+ with Extra Slides$25.99

Weather Station Kit by Green Science Experiment For Kids$9.99

Ultimate Volcano Science Kit for kids! Great hands on project for science fairs!$19.95

Pathfinders Die-Cut Plywood Hydraulic Robotic Arm Wooden Science Kit For Kids$22.99

Mad Science Power Pendant! Great for kids!$0.01

Flip-N-Flyer Gyroscopic Flying Disc Science Toy For Kids$12.99

SCIENCE for kids Make Your Own Snow & Grow Your Own Gel Balls$15.00

Airzooka Air Blaster Megazooka Toy Gun Science Zooka Bazooka For Kids$22.99

Illuminating Topographical Auto-Rotating Science Globe For Kids$29.99

World Almanac For Kids: Science! Cards, Ages 9 to 11, Fun Games, Puzzles, Facts!$2.99

4M Zero Gravity Fridge Zero Magnetic Wind Up Science Toy For Kids$7.99

K'nex components for Science and Technology for Children Unit (1396 pieces)$100.00

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Children's Stories and Books