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Fingerprint Kit Kidz Labs Detective Science Gift Police NCIS CSI Christmas$8.76

Deluxe Magnet Set Toysmith 7367 Creative Indoor Gift Camp Toy Science Project$7.95

Salt Water Powered Robot Kit Green Science Fair Recycle Craft Science Camp Gift$12.95

Magic Balancing Bird Science Desk Toy Novelty Fun Learning Gag Gift Weighted$5.85

Euler's Spinning Disk Spin Science Into Art Gift, Science Experiment. $15.00

Crystal Growing Experimental Kit Science Educational Toy Christmas Fun Gift$19.99

Enviro Battery Green Home Science Kit Recycle Experiment Project Christmas Gift$11.95

Euler's Spinning Disk Spin Science Into Art Gift$10.00

Nature Kaleidoscope Making Kit - complete with gemstones - great science gift$13.99

Dynamo Torch Build Generator Power a Light Bulb Green Science Kit Christmas Gift$11.95

Eco Science Toys - Green Science, Recycle, Christmas Gift$11.95


Steel Spy Scope Pocket Microscope And Telescope In One - Science Gifts$11.23

Environment Battery Home Science Recycle Child DIY Education Project Kit Gift$4.95

Robot Duck Fun Easter Gift Science Fair Kit Camp Geek Toy Mechanic CSI Gear$14.95

Crystal Growing Kit Red/Blue/White Multi Color Science Fair Educational Gift$9.99

Kids Green Science Enviro Battery Kit Great Educational Toy Christmas Gifts$10.44

Weather Station Kit Green Science Recycle Fair Camp Gift Reuse Toy NEW SEALED!!!$12.50

Smart Robot 4M Build Mechanics Science Kit Christmas Gift Stocking Stuffer$14.95

Childrens Kids Gift Telescope for astronomy and Set Science Puzzle Toy$20.39
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Children's Stories and Books