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Popular Potato Clock Novel Science Project Experiment Kit kids Lab Home School$5.50

Hand Boiler Hand Bubbler Assorted Colors Love Meter Glass Sculpture Science Toy$6.50

Science Fair 200 in 1 Electronic Project Lab Vintage by Tandy Radio Shack$28.50

Newton's Cradle Balance Ball Physics Science Desk Toy Accessory Gift #02 ForRBS$0.99

NEW Toysmith Rock Science Kit$8.75

Vintage 1970s Science Fair 130 in 1 Electronic Project Lab Kit Instructions incl$13.49

Novel Clock Green Potato Science Project Kit Home Experiment School kids Lab RBS$0.99

New Electronic Snap Circuits Model SC-300 Elenco Educational Science Set$45.00

Amazing Toys 2008 Science Station #32144 Tronex 8+ More Than 144 Experiments$1.00


Solar Low Temperature Stirling Engine, Science, Education Toy, Collection, Gift$28.33

Mego Star Trek Science outfit$0.99

Funko, Mystery Mini, Science Fiction, Jayne Cobb, Firefly, VR, 1:36$18.99

Star Wars Science Death Star Planetarium$19.99

Funko, Mystery Mini, Science Fiction, Rocketeer 1:72 htf, rare$31.00

Edu Science 40x-100x-400x Microscope Science Kit Set with Carrying Case$20.01

Gyroscope Original Tedco Gyroscopic Inertia Science Physics Toy Spin Top$8.18

Vintage 1959 BRAINIAC K-30 Computer Circuit Science Kit - UNUSED Complete$202.50

Lindberg The Sense of Touch and the Amoeba Natural Science Series$5.99

Tedco Original Gyroscope Retro Science Physics Spin Fidget Toy Science Project$9.95
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Children's Stories and Books